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If you're like me you cannot wait until your next vacation. Here are some helpful tips I recommend before you book your next trip. Please comment and provide any feedback you may have!


1. Plan in advance 

Start planning months in advance searching for the best tickets available. You can begin by taking advantage of some excellent websites for cheap airfare such as Air Fare Watchdog and Sky Scanner.  

2. Which days are cheaper to book?

There are certain days of the week that are cheaper than others. Research shows booking on a Tuesday/Wednesday is typically cheaper than Friday/Saturday/Sunday. 

3. Trip Protection

Look at purchasing trip protection, when a trip is cancelled for certain reasons, such as the bankruptcy of a travel service provider or inclement weather, travel insurance can ensure that travelers are reimbursed for certain losses that the cancellation causes.

4. Travel During Slow Season

There are a lot of great offers during off season. Hotels and airfare is discounted greatly. If you're on a budget this is something to look into. 

5. Flying From Alternative Airports

Check to see if there is an airport nearby that offers a cheaper flight. There are times when driving to another airport can save you hundreds of dollars on your flights.

6. Private Rooms vs Hotel

Private rooms may be cheaper than booking a hotel. Ask friends who have used private rooms before such as Airbnb to send over a referral code and you may be eligible to receive a discount off your first Airbnb stay. If you're looking at hotels make sure to look for coupons online prior to paying full price. 

7. Credit Cards

You might have a credit card that already offers miles. If you travel often applying for one is a no brainer. You could be missing out on FREE trips/ hotel stay. 

8. Groupon For Tours

Check apps like Groupon to see if there are any discounts on tours. You may be eligible to get a discount on some of your Groupon purchases by applying a coupon code. 

9.  Purchase Travel Insurance

You're going to want to be covered in the case of an emergency overseas. Check your health insurance to see if your plan covers medical bills internationally. If you're looking for, or are interested in learning more about travel insurance you can search Oppenheimer JW Group.

10. Enjoy Yourself!

So much time is spent preparing and getting ready for your vacation don't forget to take some time out to relax. Don't sweat the little things and remember to enjoy every moment because it goes in a blink of an eye. 


If you found this article to be helpful please share, and subscribe. Oppenheimer JW Group is an insurance agency based out of Weston, FL servicing Floridians since 1996. Please contact Oppenheimer JW Group  or call (954)384-8088 for all your insurance needs. Health Insurance-Travel Insurance-International Insurance-Home Insurance-Renters Insurance-Auto Insurance-Flood Insurance-Life Insurance-Boat Insurance-Liability Insurance

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